Based in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, TINA LARKIN  is an award-winning musician who performs on fiddle,harp, viola, ukelele and guitar.. She performs a unique mix of  Celtic,  Early and Fairy music across North America and Europe.  Her CD, Senka’s Joy, was chosen by Los Angeles film director R. Ian McLeod as the soundtrack for his 2007 documentary New York City Jews. She performed with the Lanark Scottish Fiddle Orchestra from 2007-09, with violinist David Roberts as the Fortuity Duo and with the Portsmouth Ohio Symphony. Tina is an astounding performer who possesses the ability to connect intensely with her audience.

(Youtube, Opening at Seattle Women Of Wisdom Conference

Tina won art scholarships to Pratt Institute in New York, where she graduated with a BFA with Honors in Painting. She also holds an MFA in Visual Art from Florida State University. Her oils, drawings and watercolors are in private collections throughout North America and Germany.  Synesthesia means joining of the senses. when one sense is stimulated, a connection in the nerve synapses creates an involuntary stimulation in another part of the brain which controls another sense. Tina is a visual/audial synesthete, which means that she sees music and hears colors and shapes. Her latest project is Synesthesia: A Concert of Visual Music and Musical Art. All images are her art, created from  her music. Click below for 4 minute video.

                                                                  Orange Fairy Music, 2008.

Events/Performances 2016

Sept 15 -Oct 14  Art Exhibit, Synesthesia: Musical Art, Vagabond Blues, Palmer AK

Sept 24-25   Camlann Medieval Village, Carnation WA  (playing throughout the day)

Oct 8    Concert of Visual Music, Vagabond Blues, Palmer AK, 7pm

We had scheduled Tina Larkin to do a Children’s Rhythm Concert during our city’s Festival of Music. We had even more adults than kids show up, and the adults wanted to participate too! The unflappable Tina Larkin turned the event into a fantastic multi-generational hands-on celebration of rhythm for everyone! What a fantastic concert, and what a great performer!”   Mt. Dora Florida

Larkin  really knows how to connect with in an audience and keep them enthralled” Gainesville Florida Sun

Amazing and authentic music” Beat Magazine

“A beautiful lady with immense talent. If you have a chance to see her live in concert or lecture, don’t miss her!” Prof. Sidney Larson, (Emeritus), Columbia College

Lovely music and a beautiful presentation. We have had Tina perform here several times, and she is wonderful!” Ruth Edwards, Winter Park Public Library, Winter Park FL

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