Music Time Machine

What did people do at a party 400 years ago without an Ipod or CD player? If they made their own music what kind of party music did they have? What was the rock and roll, the hip-hop of the 16th century? What was on the ‘Top 40’ in the 1400’s? And finally, what were the really cool musical instruments of those times? (hint-quit making such a racket!) Find out all this and more in this hands- on presentation! Tina Larkin dresses in period costume. Scottish Sword dancing will be taught, and instruments are provided. Art PLUS! Component--- build a Family Tree of Old and Modern Musical Instruments. All materials provided by LMA. (copyright   2000  Tina Larkin).

Rhythm Around the World

Learn how different drums and rhythms have been used as communication, and what they have in common with the four elements of the Universe: Air, Fire, Water and Earth! Movement, songs and dancing are part of this program, as students learn to drum and dance a jig, polka, waltz, and more! Art PLUS! Component--- make and decorate a drum! Hands-on presentation. Very Fun! (Copyright 2005 Tina Larkin).

Sailors and Pirates!!

Learn sea chanteys, sea songs, sailor knots, pirate lore! Find out what barques, capstans, skiffs and liners are! Find out what pirate dances and sailor valentines are!  Art PLUS! Component--Participants will each make a sailor valentine, such as were produced by sailors from the 1700's to the 20th century. (Copyright  1991 Tina Larkin.)

The Gift of the CeltsPerfect for St. Patrick's Day, or any time. Learn a jig dance, hear a pennywhistle, fiddle, celtic harp. Discover just how much our country has been enriched by Irish and Scottish culture. Find out about leprechauns, banshees and celtic illuminated manuscripts. Art PLUS! Component―Students will complete a watercolor celtic knotwork. (Copyright  2001  Tina Larkin).

Elements/Mandala Class

Students will explore the four Elements as they relate to the Four Directions, and to Plants. We will make either an Herbal Mandala or Directions Mandala.All materials are provided.

Nature Journaling and Drawing

Offered every spring or summer.

ffered every spring or summer.