Concerts For Every Holiday and        Theme, Every  Month of the Year!

New Years’ Eve and January-Music to Greet the New Year.

February - Valentine Love Songs on Harp!

March - Irish Music Throughout the World.

April-Music for Reconciliation and Healing-The One True International Language.

May-Honoring Mother with Harp and Fiddle.

June-Honoring Father with Fiddle and Drums.

July-Music for Independence Days, the world over.

August and September-Harvest Beginnings.

October-Halloween Begins in Ireland! No kidding!

November-Giving Musical Thanks from all Corners of the Globe!

December- International Christmas and Hanukah.

”Tina knows how to draw in her audience. Very good music and a professional presentation” Linda Leeker, Villa Gardens Retirement,

St Louis MO

“Larkin is a fine musician, a hilarious entertainer and a natural teacher, all rolled into one. I enjoyed her immensely!” Charles Webb, resident

“Tina is so engaging, so much fun and such a beautiful musician-we just love her!”  H. Callahan, Daystar Retirement, Seattle

“Tina’s music goes right to the Soul” Chaplain F. Rose, Lake City (FL)Hospital